New Albany, IN. (February 25, 2019) – Preliminary bridge inspection work is scheduled to begin Tuesday as part of the work on the Sherman Minton Renewal project. The Project Team will use Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), also known as drones, for the work.

“The drone offers a bird’s eye view of the bridge,” said Ron Heustis, INDOT project manager. “The data gathered will help us appraise the bridge structure so we can determine the primary areas of deterioration and plan more detailed inspection work.”

The drone activity, which is not expected to be visible to the public, will capture data on the bridge structure to inform subsequent inspections and repair plans. Depending on time and weather, it could take two to three days for the initial inspections.

The public will see more preliminary investigation work taking place around the Sherman Minton Bridge in the spring. Heustis said additional inspections, survey work and geotechnical work are scheduled for March and April. “We’re planning a two-phased inspection process beginning in April that will rely upon man lifts and rope access teams to evaluate the condition of the steel superstructure from the upper and lower decks of the bridge and take measurements,” said Heustis.

Survey work on the I-64 corridor is expected in early March. Surveyors will use LiDAR mapping technology to take pictures and measurements of surroundings while traveling at highway speeds.

The information gathered will give the Project Team a clearer picture about the repairs that will need to be made once construction starts in early 2021.


The Sherman Minton Renewal is a $90+ million rehabilitation and painting project that will significantly extend the service life of the 56-year-old bridge. The double-decked bridge carries six lanes of traffic (I-64 and US 150) over the Ohio River connecting Louisville, KY and New Albany, IN. Find more information at