The Sherman Minton Renewal is a major bridge rehabilitation and painting project that will significantly extend the life of the 61-year-old bridge. The double-decked bridge carries six lanes of traffic (I-64 and US 150) over the Ohio River connecting Louisville, KY and New Albany, IN.

This is an extensive rehabilitation project. There are five bridge structures associated with the Sherman Minton crossing. The project scope of work includes replacement or refurbishment of all bridge decks, rehabilitation or replacement of structural steel elements and hanger cables, new lighting, drainage repairs and painting of the steel components. The long-term repairs, along with normal preventive maintenance, will add up to 30 years of life to the bridge.

While safe for travel, the 61-year-old bridge is deteriorating and long-term repairs are needed to extend the life of the bridge.

The significant overhaul is necessary to maintain this important cross-river connection. About 70,000 drivers rely on the iconic bridge to travel daily between Indiana and Kentucky. Without these extensive repairs, there will be increasing maintenance needs, costs and potential disruptions in travel.

Phase 4 of the Sherman Minton Renewal is currently underway. This phase includes painting, deck replacement and steel repairs as needed while the deck is removed. Read more about Phase 4 here.

No. The project extends from Exit 123 in Indiana to I-264 in Kentucky and includes the painting of the eastbound bridge over Market Street. By including this needed work in the Sherman Minton Renewal, a coordinated approach will help reduce impacts to the public. 

Public involvement is a key part of the Sherman Minton Renewal, and there are many ways for people to stay informed.

Project information is available online (www.ShermanMintonRenewal.com) and on social media channels Facebook (Sherman Minton Renewal), Instagram (@ShermanMintonRenewal) and Twitter (@ShermanRenewal).

In addition, members of the public can ask questions and share comments by using INDOT’s Next Level Customer Service platform INDOT4U: by phone at 855-INDOT4U (855-463-6848) or on the web at www.indot4u.com.

Indiana and Kentucky share responsibilities for the bridges connecting the two states. INDOT is the lead agency on this project and will oversee the contracts for design and construction of the overall project with input from KYTC.

No. The project is fully funded, with no plans to toll the Sherman Minton Bridge

Toll revenue from the Lewis and Clark, Lincoln and Kennedy bridges is used to meet the financial obligations of the Ohio River Bridges Project and for operations and maintenance of those bridges. Tolling will remain in place on those bridges to meet those financial obligations.

No. This is a rehabilitation project only, the purpose of which is to rehabilitate an aging and deteriorating interstate structure. The scope of work does not include an expansion of the current footprint of the Sherman Minton Bridge corridor. A bicycle pedestrian connection between New Albany and West Louisville could be considered by the states as a potential project for the future.


The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) are committed to delivering a safe and cost-effective project while working to minimize disruption to drivers.

The construction approach ensures at least one lane of traffic in each direction will remain open for nearly 95% of the estimated three-year construction process. Closures are limited to 9 consecutive days per direction in a calendar year and up to three 3-day weekends per direction each year.

The Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) awarded Kokosing Construction Company, Inc. the design-build/best value contract for the Sherman Minton Renewal project. Design-build/best value means price was not the only criteria that determined which contractor was selected. This project delivery method invites innovative solutions to help reduce impacts to the public.

The project will take place over multiple construction seasons. Construction is expected to be substantially complete by mid 2024.

The cost of construction for the long-term structural rehabilitation and painting, combined with the cost of implementing a low-impact maintenance of traffic plan, is about $137 million. The federally approved maintenance of traffic plan, which limits lane closures in one direction for 54 total days out of estimated 843 days of work, reflects the public’s preference for maximum access to the bridge during construction.

The project is fully funded through federal and state highway funds.
Indiana and Kentucky will share in the cost of the work on the main spans of the Sherman Minton Bridge. INDOT will fund the cost of work on the Indiana approach bridges and some nearby improvements. KYTC will fund the cost of work on the Kentucky approach bridge.

Lanes will be closed in one direction for 54 days of the estimated 843 days of work. Closures will not be in one consecutive period but will be limited to 9 consecutive days per direction in a calendar year and up to three 3-day weekends per direction per calendar year.

Lane closures will shift as the contractor moves to different phases of construction, with two lanes of traffic always maintained in each direction. During off-peak times, the contractor will be allowed to reduce to one lane to allow for material delivery and planning for the next day’s work.”

Click here for construction closure information.

The Sherman Minton Bridge paint color will be a similar shade of Aluminum/Silver to match the original 1960s bridge span color.

Phase 1 of construction will begin on the lower deck. Contractors will maintain two lanes of I-64 eastbound traffic with one on the upper deck and another on the lower deck. Two lanes of I-64 westbound traffic will remain open on the upper deck.

The contractor is allowed up to nine straight days, including weekends, of full closure for the following ramps each year:

  • W. Spring Street entrance ramp to I-64 eastbound entrance ramp
  • I-64 eastbound ramp to I-264 eastbound
  • I-264 westbound exit ramp to I-64 westbound
  • I-64 westbound exit ramp to W. Elm Street

The contractor is allowed up to 1 weekend closure for the following ramps each year. Eastbound work may occur from 10 p.m. on Friday to 5 a.m. on Monday. Westbound work may occur from 10 p.m. on Friday to 6 a.m. on Monday.

  • I-64 eastbound exit ramp to I-265 eastbound
  • I-265 westbound to I-64 westbound

The contractor is allowed up to 2 weekends of closure for the following ramp each year. Work may occur from 10 p.m. on Friday to 5 a.m. on Monday.

  • I-265 eastbound exit ramp to I-65 southbound

The Project Team will notify the public in advance when construction will affect interstate and local travel in Kentucky and Indiana.

During Phases 3 and 4, the contractor is permitted overnight closures of I-64 eastbound and westbound. For I-64 westbound, on the upper deck, the closures maintain cross-river access for crews and machinery, giving workers a safe space to move trucks in and out of the work zone. Eastbound nighttime single lane closures are also permitted, but they will be intermittent in Phases 3 and 4.

Public feedback during planning of the Sherman Minton Renewal supported maximum cross-river access for drivers. Overnight closures avoid the peak rush hours and minimize driver disruption and allow the bridge to be open nearly 95% of the time during construction.

During overnight lane closures, the I-64 westbound lane on the lower deck remains open. There is no access to New Albany from I-264 west during Phase 3 and access to New Albany may be restricted when the I-64 westbound lane closure occurs on the upper deck.

The single lane of I-64 westbound on the upper deck will be closed most nights during Phases 3 and 4. The lane is closed from approximately 9 p.m. – 5 a.m. Sundays through Thursdays and from 10 p.m. – 6 a.m. on Fridays. Click here to learn more about Phase 3 construction.

The New Albany local streets expected to be impacted by construction are W. Spring Street, W. Elm Street and W. 5th Street. Other local intersecting roadways may also be impacted by maintenance of traffic during work on the local streets.

Up to 20 straight evening closures are allowed on these streets each year. Work may occur from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day.

The public can visit ShermanMintonRenewal.com to sign up for our e-newsletter and text updates and stay informed with the latest information. Consider using apps like Waze, Apple Maps or Google Maps to better inform your route.

Visit INDOT TrafficWise for real-time Indiana traffic information.

Visit TRIMARC for real-time traffic Kentucky traffic information.

Members of the public can ask questions and share comments by using INDOT’s Next Level Customer Service platform INDOT4U: by phone at 855-INDOT4U (855-463-6848) or on the web at www.indot4u.com.

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) standards have changed since the bridge was built in 1962. The new barrier walls that will be placed during construction will be 45” in height and look similar to what is used on the Lincoln and Kennedy bridges. The barrier walls will comply with federally mandated design standards for an interstate bridge.